The Bose Institute was founded by Acharya Jagadis Chandra Bose in 1917 for the advancement of science and dissemination of knowledge.  The Institute has served the nation for the past 90 years through its pursuit of advancement of knowledge in science and technology and by developing highly competent and able scientific manpower for the country.  The Institute has its staff highly qualified and experienced scientists / technicians working in biological, biomedical and physical sciences in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biophysics and the research sections on Plant Molecular & Cellular Genetics, Animal Physiology, Immunotechnology and Environmental Science.  In addition there are 3 (three) advance research centres on Astroparticle Physics & Space Science, Plant Molecular Biology, Structural Biology.

The centre of excellence on Bioinformatics has been rendering services to the users of universities, research/ technological/ medical institutions/ industries and others of the country.  Besides there are service centres like SAIF, CIF, Library, Workshop etc.  In addition, the Acharya J. C. Bose High Altitude Research Centre at Darjeeling and experimental field stations at Falta, Madhyamgram and Shyamnagar forms part of field research activities.  The scientific integral facilities available in the Institute are also used by scientists from several Universities and research centres in the country.


Administration (Officers)

Prof. S. Raha Director
Sri S. Panigrahi


Smt. Noreen Bhattacharjee Deputy Registrar
Sri S. Banerjee Assistant Registrar
Sri P. Das Audit & Finance Officer