Central Instrument Facility

The Central Instrument facility is an independent unit within the institute which houses a large number of sophisticated instruments required for advanced research in biological, chemical and physical sciences. It includes the  DST/ IRHPA sponsored National center for proteomics and genomics. The facility is run by a group of highly trained technicians who not only look after the instruments but also advise research students about how to use them effectively. Most of these instruments are housed in the centenary campus at Bose Institute.

The facility is open for outside users. 

Major equipments at CIF: FACS, Confocal Microscope, DNA Sequencer, GC-MS, HPLC, NMR 500Mhz, Maldi TOF/TOF, RT-PCR, Circular Dichroism, Gel Doc, XR+, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, Protein Sequencer

CIF In- Charge: Prof. Sujoy Kumar Das Gupta  (033) 2569-3296, Prof. T.P.Sinha (033) 2303-1163


  • Mrs. Tanima Modak Dhar ( Technical Officer - I )
  • Mr. Ranjan Kumar Dutta ( Technical Officer )
  • Mr. Smriti Ranjan Maji ( Technical Officer )
  • Mr. Mrinal Das ( Technical Officer )
  • Mr. Swaroop Biswas ( Junior Laboratory Assistant )
  • Mrs. Sheolee Ghosh Chakraborty ( Junior Laboratory Assistant )
  • Mr. Amarandra Nath Biswas ( Junior Laboratory Assistant )
  • Mr. Pallab Chakraborty ( Junior Laboratory Assistant )
  • Mrs. Alpana Chattopadhaya ( Office Staff )